Carolina Pugs

Carolina Pugs

Welcome to Carolina Pugs!  Our intentions are pretty straight forward.  We offer Pug puppies for sale across the East Coast with a special emphasis inside our region, the Carolina's.  North and South Carolina is home to the majority of clientele who purchase our Pug puppies.  However, we will sell to anyone looking for a phenomenal Pug.  Only producing a few litters annually, our Pug puppies have some of the most sought after markings and personality.  Also, most pedigrees within our Pug family have a proven track record of up to 75 years of show quality.  Great health is important and is certainly throughout their ancestry.  Our Pug puppies are sold to interested families who have a passion for the breed.

All of our Pugs are registered with AKC or CKC.  We do not give or sell breeding rights to anyone who purchases a Carolina Pug.  Pricing ranges between $2000 and $3500 per puppy.  Before owning one of our quality pups, there is a non-refundable deposit of $500.  This money is to hold your new Carolina Pug puppy until 8 - 10 weeks of age.  We do not let our Pug pups leave before the eight week period for good reason.  It ensures the pups are given enough time to learn stability and self reliance.  Also, the possibility of emotional distress increases when being away too early from litter-mates.  We try to give you the greatest possible experience when buying a Pug puppy from Carolina Pugs.  We accept deposits to reserve a puppy after the litter is born.  At pickup the remaining balance is due.

Our pups colors can vary depending on genetics, but are typically fawn with black masks.  Sometimes we do have silver fawns, blacks, and apricots as well.  It's important we only sell our pups to people that can provide a loving environment.  Carolina Pug's main objective is to help families find a top notch Pug.  If you'd like to read about availability, or see our past puppies, click pug puppies for sale NC~SC.


Quality Pug Puppies are hard to find.  It's why we became Pug breeders in the first place.

  • First and foremost; We absolutely love Pugs!  There's not a breed in the world that comes close. They are little, wrinkly, comical, snorting, loyal, short faced balls of energy with a touch of laziness.
  • Pug puppies are somewhat hard to find of good quality.  We offer exactly that to anybody who wants some of the better bloodlines and genes a Pug can naturally possess.
  • Our Pug puppies for sale started as a hobby.  A small wish for my first Pug is where it began.  We feel fortunate to be able to help others fulfill that same wish!
  • We are highly against puppy mills or people that breed too close of lines; as that can present health risks.
  • We are natives of Charleston, South Carolina.  Coming from somewhat of a city life style, we know a small breed dog can be a better option.
  • Pugs are small yet somewhat energetic.  They "love to eat", but feeding them is financially manageable.  Just don't give them too much, they would most definitely overindulge!
  • Pugs are great around children!  We have two boys and they are good with them and with friends, neighbors and other animals.
  • Pugs have a keen sense of what makes you happy and are constantly trying to get you to laugh.  They also love to be congratulated with treats.
  • Pugs are a breed that enjoys being the center of attention, but also know when it's time to be lazy.
  • Generally Pugs are a healthy breed.  When they come from a trusted background of quality, good demeanor and traceable genetics you can't go wrong.
  • Sometimes Pugs are loving, charming and mischievous all at the same time!
  • Our family fell in love with the breed immediately after we bought our first Pug years ago.  Owning your first Pug truly is a special feeling we would like to share with you too!


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